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Remembering "Papa Guy"

Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun lost one of our own.

We just learned that “Papa Guy”, one of our devoted Senior Falls Prevention volunteers, passed away. As our Volunteer Manager Alexa recently wrote, he was a Phoenix firefighter for more than 32 years and worked with Rebuilding Together since 2009. “He was always up for any challenge we might send him and always had a smile on his face when he came into the office. He even came in for a week while I was in Texas a while back and was the secretary/receptionist just to fill a gap that needed to be filled,“ she said. Guy was committed to his church, devoted to his family, and cared deeply for his community.

Reflecting on the many ways Guy gave of his time, it occurred to me that he was committed to service.

Service. Merriam-Webster has several definitions, but one stands out – the contribution to the welfare of others. That struck a chord because that concept is the foundation of Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun. We exist to contribute to the welfare of others.

We do this by ensuring older adults and those with mobility issues can remain safe and independent in their own homes. We safeguard vulnerable homeowners through critical repair programs. We keep neighborhoods clean and safe by mobilizing volunteers when a need arises. Each and every day we serve our community.

And we cannot do this without you. Volunteers to install grab bars, build ramps, do home repairs, and revitalize communities are needed more than ever as our waiting list continues to grow. The need is greater than our current capacity to provide services. Without your help, another senior will fall while trying to take a shower. Another child will spend the summer in unbearable heat, without air conditioning. Another low-income homeowner will lose her insurance, and possibly her family’s home, because the roof needs to be replaced. Another veteran will go without a ramp and be confined to his home.

Only you have the power to help. Only you have the power to SERVE. Your willingness to serve just a few hours a week, or month, can literally save lives.

Call 480-774-0237 today to learn how your efforts alongside Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun can contribute to the welfare of others by improving the lives of so many in need.

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