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Make a Difference Today

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to creating safe and healthy homes in Arizona.


Your gifts are the glue that will help give independence and peace of mind for thousands of seniors, families and children. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Donate online by credit or debit card, or mail a check addressed to RTVOS to:

Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun

1826 W. Broadway Rd. Suite 16

Mesa, AZ 85202

Did you know you can get your donation back?

Thanks to the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO) tax credit you can get your money back, dollar-for-dollar when you file your Arizona Personal Income Tax return.*

  • Contributions can be made throughout the calendar year, and up until April 15

  • Maximum allowed credit is $800 for married filing joint filers, and $400 for all others

  • Your donation provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the income tax you owe to the state and usually results in a return

  • Use the RTVOS QCO Code (20246) on Form 321 when filing

* For questions about eligibility and filing, please consult your tax professional

Host a fundraiser

Host an online fundraiser for Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun. Personalize the message and get a unique link you can share and track the donations you received!

Would you rather donate items than money?

Visit our Amazon Wishlist to see the items we currently need. 

When you purchase these items, Amazon will deliver them directly to our door so you don't have to.

Give back when you buy groceries at Fry's

You can support RTVOS every time you shop at Fry's. It's easy when you enroll in Fry's Community Rewards. The steps below will help you enroll.

Create a Fry's Account Online (Skip this if you already have one)

  • Go to and select 'Sign In'

  • Click 'Create an Account'

  • Complete the form including your Fry's VIP Card number (be sure to remember your password), and 'Create Account'

  • You will receive a confirmation email, be sure to click the hyperlink in the email to confirm your account

Register for the Fry's Community Rewards Program

  • Visit

  • Click 'Sign In' (if you are not already logged in)

  • Select 'My Account' under your name, then 'Community Rewards'

  • Add a new charity by searching for Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun or entering code MV987 and 'enroll'

  • If you have registered correctly, you should see Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun's information listed under 'Community Rewards' on your Account Summary page

Walmart Spark Good 

Donate your change every time you shop at Walmart online or through the app. Walmart will automatically round up the total to the nearest dollar and donate that change to RTVOS.

How to select RTVOS as your charity of choice

  • Sign into (or create an account)

  • Under 'Manage Account', click 'Giving & Impact'

  • Select 'Change Charity' or 'Select Charity', and search for Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun

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