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Everyone deserves a Safe and Healthy home

Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun is a Safe and Healthy Housing organization dedicated to helping Maricopa County residents, including low-income seniors, veterans, families with young children, and disabled individuals with critical home repairs and safety modifications at no or reduced cost.


Our goal is to help build stronger communities by restoring independence, preserving affordable housing, renovating community spaces, and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Individuals, community groups, and corporations partner with RTVOS to fund individual projects and mobilize hundreds of volunteers – both skilled and unskilled – to provide critical repairs for homeowners and nonprofit facilities, install grab bars and wheelchair ramps for those with mobility difficulties, and beautify parks and public spaces.

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Safe at Home

Safe homes prevent disastrous consequences

Roof Shingles

Critical Repairs

Healthy and functional homes bring peace of mind

Community Kitchen Garden

Special Events

Community events help revitalize neighborhoods

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What if I have a roommate, spouse, or other adults living with me?

    • Great, you will need to send all of their proof of income as well. The income qualification is based on the number of adults in the household. ​​​

  • What if someone is staying with me for a few weeks?

    • If they do not live there, and are staying temporarily, then their income is not required.​​​

  • What if the people I live with won't share their proof of income?

    • We will be happy to help you, we provide the labor at no cost, but the homeowner would need to pay for the cost of equipment and installation.​

  • What documents do I need for proof of income, and do I really need to send all of them?

    • YES! We do need all of the income qualification documents that apply to you. This includes: ​

      • Most recent tax returns​

      • Three (3) months of bank statements

      • Three (3) most recent pay stubs

      • SSI/Disability Award Letter

  • ​What if I don't meet the income requirements?

    • We are still able to assist you! We provide the labor at no cost, but the homeowner would need to pay for the cost of equipment and installation.

  • What if I rent my home or live in an apartment?

    • We are still able to assist you, but we would require a letter from your landlord stating that RTVOS can complete these installations/repairs.


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