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July 1 marked the beginning of RTVOS’s new fiscal year, and as usual, a new year always makes me wonder how we could do better.

Are we serving our clients to the best of our abilities? Do our volunteers feel appreciated? Do our financial supporters feel we are providing value for their support? How could we be better?

As I contemplate these things, I always start making lists of what-ifs. The list has grown really long at this point, but I continue to add to it as I think about the possibilities if we could just…

But the good news is that we are growing. We will soon be adding a couple of new staff and also introducing a new communications platform where you – our valued stakeholders – can find information and interact with us and each other. Additionally, through a partnership with the Town of Gilbert, we have a special program for those who live there to provide critical homes repairs as well as fall prevention services. These repairs can be everything from HVAC to roofs to water heaters. Feel free to pass this along to those you know who live in Gilbert.

In the coming weeks, we will also be recruiting additional members to serve on our amazing Board of Directors, sharing some new volunteer opportunities, a fun special event, and maybe a few surprises as well. Fingers crossed!

While we have a lot going on and are thrilled to welcome small volunteer groups back, we are still committed to the health and safety of our clients and volunteers, so will continue to follow CDC guidelines as we work to provide safer, healthier homes for our neighbors.

Be well.

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