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We're ramping up...wanna help?

Holey Moley, we’ve been busy ReBuilders lately! And while some days I have felt pulled in too many directions, it’s great to be working with so many volunteers again to improve our community and help people stay safe in their homes.

Our amazing fall prevention volunteers have literally been “ramping up” to complete 5 ramps before the weather gets too hot, allowing five more seniors the freedom to come and go from their homes without restriction.

Last Saturday, we worked with Republic Services to finish some upgrades to Heart of Isaac Community Center, including adding a dedicated food pantry, complete with new refrigerators so the center can provide eggs, dairy, and meat to those in need. The volunteers also added a laundry center, with two new washers and dryers so families experiencing homelessness, or those unable to afford a laundromat, can now have clean clothes.

We are also working with three veterans and a family gravely affected by Covid to provide some much-needed home safety upgrades and remodeling a home in Gilbert to provide better accessibility for a wheelchair and helping another senior in Gilbert with HVAC and roof repairs.

Oh, and we are preparing and distributing home safety kits to low-income Gilbert residents that include everything from nonslip socks to tool kits and fire extinguishers.

Whew! That’s a lot, but it is nowhere near all.

Every single day we are getting more calls for assistance. We have people waiting for ramps, veterans in need of home repairs, and many, many seniors in need of HVAC repairs. Sometimes the need is overwhelming, and we could sure use your help to meet those needs!

You can help by becoming a Falls Prevention Volunteer, making a monthly donation, serving on a committee, joining the Board of Directors, or volunteering to help keep things running smoothly.

If you have a little time and a heart for service, you can be a ReBuilder too.

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