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Commitment. Strength. Longevity. Reasons to celebrate...

This year, RTVOS celebrates 30 years of keeping Arizona's most vulnerable Safe@Home.

Unprecedented. Pandemic. Surge. Furlough. Quarantine. Uncertainty.

These are the words we've heard daily for the last year and I, for one, am ready to start hearing different words. I want to turn on the news and hear words like optimistic, healthy, ordinary, employed, triumph, and celebrate. Wait...celebrate? Are you wondering what we have to celebrate?

In 2021, Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun is celebrating YOU and the ways you helped us achieve our 30th anniversary. For the past three decades, our volunteers have been busy improving the lives of seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities through home safety modifications, critical home repairs, and home improvement projects.

Throughout the years, you, our amazing volunteers, have mobilized by the thousands to revitalize community spaces, schools, parks, and shelters to enrich the lives of children, seniors, veterans, and community members.

I am amazed by your eagerness to roll up your sleeves and get to work whenever there is a need. I am grateful for your willingness to open your checkbook to support our mission. I am awed by the number of lives you have improved -- more than 12,000 households -- through your service with Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun.

As we all continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, Rebuilding Together has made some shifts in service delivery and the types of services we can provide. These include providing emergency health and safety kits to seniors who can't safely leave their homes and hiring contractors to deal with emergency home repairs like replacing hot water heaters and installing showers to replace tubs. We are also currently working out the logistics of our spring signature National Rebuilding Day event, so stay tuned for details!

As we plan for the day we can resume our traditional mission delivery methods, we reflect back on the past with an eye toward the future. Through good times and bad; economic downturns; the Great Recession; and a pandemic, we have survived. Bruised but not broken, we stand with you, committed to the next 30 years of repairing homes; revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives.

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