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It's not too late, yet...

Can you believe April is already here? And that means two things – National Rebuilding Month and Taxes! What, you may ask does one have to do with the other? Well, on the surface, not so much.

National Rebuilding Month is exciting because all across the country Rebuilding Together affiliates are busy repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives. This is so exciting because hundreds of people across the country are benefitting from the efforts of fabulous volunteers!

RTVOS is keeping things small this year, but our efforts will have a huge impact on the young people served by the IG Homes Boys and Girls Club in Central City. Thanks to our friends at Wells Fargo and DMB, these kids are getting fantastic outdoor seating areas complete with shade. These improvements will expand the current usable outdoor space, giving program participants more space to eat, do homework, or just hang out with friends. This project marks the beginning of our commitment to improving homes and community spaces in Central City.

Now, have you guessed yet how tax season comes into play? As you know, our work is made possible by donations from foundations, local government entities, corporate partners, and individuals like you. And tax season is a perfect time to put your money to work in the community. Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun is a Qualified Charitable Organization (#20406), so you can make an individual donation of up to $400 – or $800 if you file with a spouse - and receive a direct tax credit, which means you can support our efforts in neighborhoods across the Valley of the Sun and get your investment right back. I mean, really, how often do we get to eat the cake and keep it too?

And it’s not too late for this year! You can make your donation any time before tax day and still claim it on your 2021 return. Even if you’ve filed your taxes, you can donate now and be all set for next year.

Now you see the correlation. Your tax credit donations, and any other gifts, help support our work during National Rebuilding Month and throughout the year.

We appreciate your support!

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