Become a [Re]Builder

Your Opportunity to Help Create 

Safe & Healthy Homes for everyone


You can help [Re]Build strong, safe, healthy, and vibrant communities by supporting RTVOS' place-based, resident-driven initiative focused on rehabilitating homes, revitalizing neighborhoods, and improving the lives of low-to-moderate income seniors, children, and families in the Valley of the Sun.


These communities have strong, smart, committed leaders, positive organizations, and numerous initiatives that make them stand out. The residents have heard many times that help will come, but are starting to lose hope. You can restore that hope. Your partnership will help the residents finally realize their dream of once more having a safe, healthy home and neighborhood.

Using the proven “Housing First” concept of providing a safe, secure and healthy home environment as the basis for all other systemic change, RTVOS is leading the charge to rehabilitate homes and revitalize neighborhoods.


A highly collaborative program designed to address critical home repairs for low-income homeowners, Safe and Healthy Home is a priority initiative of RTVOS. Our ability to identify and reach high-risk homes allows us to put “boots on the ground” to correct serious health and safety hazards and rehabilitate distressed homes.

RTVOS works with volunteers to repair homes and identify strategic community relationships. Our partners provide the financial investments that drive this ambitious, multi-year community revitalization effort forward - focused on rebuilding safe, secure, affordable, and stable housing. Your support is the catalyst needed to create a long-lasting impact for distressed communities. Using a coordinated approach, together we will [Re]Build and [Re]vitalize sustainable, safe, healthy, and thriving communities.


Did You Know?

National research shows that just ONE rehabilitated home on ONE block contributes to a 21 percent increase in overall conditions as neighbors are spurred to reinvest in their own homes. As few as 10 rehabilitated homes on a block can improve overall conditions by 57 percent. You can help [Re]habilitate homes, [Re]vitalize neighborhoods, and [Re]Build lives

Cause Marketing Opportunities

Want to grow your business reach while helping your neighbors? Become a Cause Marketing Partner for one of our ongoing community programs. Benefits of Partnership include recognition on all program materials; social media; dual branding on program announcements; and a listing on

Cause Marketing opportunities include, but are not limited to, point of sale donations; donate and get a free product promotions; program sponsorship; and event sponsorship opportunities.

A few Cause Marketing sponsorship opportunities are Paint It Forward and the bucket brigade; emergency home repairs; the Arizona Ramp Project; Safe@Home; She Builds; and National Rebuilding Day.


Contact us today to join our growing list of amazing partners whose support improves lives every day.  480-818-2864 or

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