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Did you know that where you live can affect your health?

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Our Safe & Healthy Home Program serves low and very-low-income homeowners and is designed to increase mobility, dignity, and independence while reducing fall risks throughout the at-risk population.

Did you know $19 in healthcare costs could be saved for every $1 invested in home repairs? (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2021).

As part of the Safe & Healthy Home Program, our Emergency Critical Home Repair Service helps all qualifying, low-income homeowners who are at increased risk of environmentally influenced health problems created by unsafe or unsanitary living conditions. This program performs critical home repairs including the restoration of substandard interior/exterior living spaces and restores homes to basic but safe living conditions creating a healthier home environment. This service helps create health equity and preserves home equity while restoring dignity.

Recognizing the need to protect our vulnerable older adults and families in crisis, our work focuses on preserving independence and restoring dignity to those without family safety nets or other community lifelines. This program is an upstream approach aimed at preventing falls in senior populations, reducing environmentally-related illnesses in children, protecting valuable assets, and providing a safe environment for vulnerable adults. In addition, by conducting 'hands-on' minor home repair workshops for homeowners - and providing the tools and resources necessary for the homeowner to complete those repairs personally - we can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive service calls for those who really can't afford it.

Do you need services and think you may qualify for our programs? Give us a call at 480-774-0237, send us a message, or simply fill out an application online by clicking HERE.


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