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Feeling hopeful in the New Year.

The night before Christmas should be about joy and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Covid-19 has thwarted many things this year – social events, travel, sporting events, church, dining out, working out, school, volunteering, and is even causing many people to rethink or redesign their holiday plans. But one thing it won’t stop is the internal revenue service from collecting taxes. Wait! It’s only December – why are we talking about taxes NOW? Because the taxman cometh and now is the time to take action to put yourself in the best tax position come April 15.

Giving thanks on this day.

When real life is the scariest thing.

What would you do if faced with homelessness?

Baby Steps...the new normal.

What do you do when you can't stay home but you can't leave? A deadly choice.

Last Sunday was Grandparents Day and it made me think of mine.

Keep yourself safe from "Vishing"!

Sometimes it's all about perspective. Walking in someone else's shoes can improve your vision.

Thank you volunteers!

What does it mean to be 'Safe at Home'?

A new study shows that place-based policies are key to helping people in distressed cities, where investments should be tailored to local economic conditions.

So why are America’s seniors killing themselves?

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