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We are ALL better together...

Let's talk about the power of collaboration. Last Saturday Rebuilding Together Valley of the Sun teamed up with volunteers from Operation Enduring Gratitude, another local nonprofit that serves veterans, to help Richard. It was the first time in a while we have been able to gather in a group to change a life, and gosh, did it feel good!

Volunteers from both agencies painted, cleaned, gathered up feral kittens (THAT’S a whole other story), tore out the kitchen, and replaced it with new cabinets and appliances. It was a great day, for the veteran we were helping and the volunteers. As we worked alongside each other (masked, of course!), it occurred to me what a blessing it is to have relationships with other organizations. We can call on each other for advice, support, to celebrate, or just to share some news.

This is not the only collaboration RTVOS has. For the last five years we have worked closely with Aster Aging and AT Still University to keep seniors safe through falls prevention programs. As part of that alliance, we have helped keep hundreds of people on their feet and out of the hospital.

But collaboration doesn’t just have to be between organizations. Whenever we host a corporate volunteer group, we are collaborating to improve the community. Our work in Glendale and Gilbert is due to collaborations with the local governments.

We even collaborate with each of you when you volunteer or make a donation. Your time and treasure are a collaboration between us to improve the lives of our neighbors.

There has long been a mindset of scarcity within the nonprofit world, this fear that there isn’t enough to go around. This notion has created tension and fear that some other organization will come in and “steal” our supporters. The many successful relationships RTVOS participates in every day convince me that collaboration attracts abundance. Each time we share a part of ourselves, we receive something in return, which only expands our reach, allowing us to do more for a greater audience.

As we are ramping up to handle the backlog

of needs that accumulated during the last year, I am grateful for our collaborators. Together, we will come back stronger and more resilient. We will all join forces to do the most good for as many as possible. One thought resonated while working alongside those diverse volunteers from two different organizations last week -the amazing capacity of strength in numbers. We truly are better together.

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