Seniors shouldn't die because the A/C went out

Together, we can make sure no one else falls victim to a heat-related death or injury.

Your gift today will save lives by making emergency repairs or installing/repairing air-conditioning units in the homes of vulnerable, low-income elderly people in our Valley. Please, won't you give generously to help save a life today?


It's heartbreaking. Our office gets calls daily from seniors  all around the Valley - living alone and isolated on limited incomes - who desperately need help to stay cool and safe through the scorching hot months of summer.

We SO want to help but as a non-profit, we rely on people like YOU to provide gifts to make emergency home and A/C repairs. Without your help, sometimes we have no choice but to turn away clients - knowing they don't have any other options.

When the air-conditioning fails, they must make an unthinkable choice. Between food or cool air. Between medicine or cool air. So many of them choose to 'be brave' in the face of 120 degree heat because they simply can't afford to fix the problems.

Unfortunately, this choice can mean the difference between life and death. 

With you help, we can provide critical home repairs, repair HVAC units, or install window units to a vulnerable, disadvantaged elder with nowhere else to turn. With your help, we can save a life. 

We need you. THEY need you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for choosing to save a life.


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